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Did You Know Carter Bridge Is The Oldest Bridge In Lagos?


Carter Bridge is probably just another bridge to you and for others, it is just another bridge of a few others but did you know it is the oldest of its kind in Lagos and the time it was built, it was the “Third Mainland Bridge” of its time.

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Carter Bridge was named after the colonial governor of Lagos at the time, Sir Gilbert Thomas Carter. It was finished in 1901 and was part of the British colonial government’s expansion of Lagos-even as it was a crown colony- in the face of population increase. The original route was Iddo where the old train terminal still stands to the Idumota neighbourhood of Lagos Island which is now a busy, marketplace by itself.

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Carter Bridge has since been renovated in 1973 when the Alaka-Ijora bypass/flyover was added. Today, the bridge does not get much attention from the government so it is not in the best condition now which is sad because, for a 120 years-old edifice, it should look better. It has since been joined by Eko Bridge (finished in 1972) and Third Mainland Bridge (commissioned in 1990) as the links between Lagos Island/Victoria Island and the mainland.

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