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How To Get Get A Quick Loan From Page Financials


With the recent pandemic, which without doubt has seen the wake of many forms of financial struggles, Page Financials is sending a message of hope by assuring working class Individuals that,

“…whilst you are trying to navigate the new normal and meetup with project deadlines, if you ever need financial help, just know that you have One Less Thing To Worry About because Page is here to assist you.“

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Page Financials is a leading financial services provider in Nigeria with offices in Lagos, and Ibadan, other states unveiling soon.

Page is well known for providing quick and convenient loans, highly competitive ROI investment products, as well as a secure and fast digital payments solution that enables customers to pay bills and transfer funds at an absolutely zero-naira service charge.

Through Page Financials, working-class individuals can access loans of up to N2.5Million in less than 3 hours and repay in 3 to 12 months – as long as you have all the requirements.

How To Get It

Step 1: Know And Have The Requirements Ready

Understanding and having the loan requirements handy when applying is key to your application success.

What Are The Requirements?

  • You earn a monthly salary (minimum 100k monthly)
  • You have up to 6-months’ salary account statement.
  • You live/work in Lagos or Ibadan (bankers nationwide can apply)
  • You have a passport photograph.
  • You have a work ID from where you work or evidence of employment or promotion.
  • You have a BVN that is actively connected to your working mobile number.

Some of the items above will be retrieved automatically when you begin the application, it usually takes customers less than 3 minutes to complete the application if they have the requirements ready.

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Step 2: Proceed to the application portal to apply

Application is online, simply visit the website and fill the application form. The application process is in stages, at each stage, you’ll supply relevant information that helps make a decision to approve your loan.

Step 3: Get Approval and Offer (via Email/Phone)

After you have successfully completed your application, you have really done the hard part. As simple as this looks, it is that simple.

If you have provided all the relevant requirements and you qualify for the loan, Page Financials will approve your application and send an offer to your email.

The email will contain your approval status and how to proceed.

If your request has been approved, the offer will be stated on the offer letter which is attached to the email.

The offer letter contains the amount you were approved for, your monthly repayments, and other terms and conditions.

You will be required to either sign and scan back the offer letter, or simply reply the email and accept the offer.

Step 4: Withdraw Your Money And Get Back In Control

If you have the Page card, you can begin to spend the money immediately from your Page account, or you can use the mobile app(download if you haven’t already) to transfer the money to any third-party account number of your choice.

One fascinating thing about transacting with Page is that transfer charges are FREE.

So, need a quick loan to get things back on track? Salary taking too long? Or maybe house rent came a bit earlier…

Money solves them all. Get a quick loan of up to N2.5 Million from Page in less than 3 hours.

Visit to apply or call 01700(PAGE) 7243 to get more info, you can also send an email to to get started.

Featured Image Source: Page Financials

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