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How to Keep Your Travel Itinerary

We’ve talked about the ways to get a travel itinerary. But how do you create one, organise it and keep it so it doesn’t get missing?

Creating an itinerary from scratch can be a lot of work to put together. So it is important you also plan how to keep it and make it handy when something unscheduled comes up.

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For instance, let’s say you travel to Abuja for a brief holiday. Then, your friends in the FCT call you up for a hangout at Mpape Crushed Rock. In your itinerary, that’s one of your unscheduled period of flexibility, so you agree. But afterwards, your friends book another hangout in the city that night, which may conflict with your plans. Will you have your itinerary on standby to crosscheck?

Here’s what we think you should do?

Have a Hard Copy Version

By hard copy, we mean to use a notebook, checklist journal or travel planner journal to store your travel itinerary for the trip. If it is small, it’ll be handy to carry around with you in your pocket or handbag.

Some people use maps to mark out the locations they want to visit, others use a clipboard. The challenge with these is you can easily leave them behind in your hotel room, especially the clipboard. The map can fall out from your pocket or bag at rush hour.

But the overwhelming advantage of hard copy versions is you need not depend on WiFi, internet access or electricity to check them. Any time you need to go over your plans, they will be right where you left them.

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Have a Soft copy Back Up

You can use an excel sheet to create an itinerary on your laptop or phone. You can also save a copy directly on cloud as a document. This way, you can always have access to it as long as you have internet access and an electronic device.

These days, there are tons of apps you can use to store up your travel plans, e.g. Evernote app and Notes on Apple phones. The Evernote app can help save pictures, maps/real-time location and links to destinations’ websites, nearby restaurants, or YouTube documentaries. Any of your other devices can also access your Evernote app.

Another free great app to use is Google Trips, which works with your Gmail account to collate and organise your trip. It sorts out info into an individual day-to-day plan and suggests nearby options that can be filtered based on your interests and available time.

There is also the Sygic travel trip planner app which has a free iOS/Android enabled app with offline maps. Just search for travel planner apps and a lot will surface.

You can have both hard copy and soft copy versions of your itinerary, it doesn’t have to be either-or. But knowing where to find them when you need to use them is important if you want to have an organised trip.


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