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How To Survive The Post-COVID-19 Era


The economy was badly affected by COVID-19 pandemic and this has taken its toll on all of us. Millions lost their jobs or were furloughed, and others are dealing with the struggles of self-isolation.

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Thank God the infestation rate is dropping in Nigeria and a resemblance of normalcy is gradually coming back. The government is opening up the economy gradually, but full normalcy is far from back. Zoom meetings, working from home, contactless transactions are becoming the new normal. Some jobs are going, some are gone forever, but humanity remains so we need new skills for post-COVID-19 era. Everyone needs to skill up for post-pandemic era.

Set Yourself Up For Future Career Success

Digital skills such as coding, graphics design or digital marketing are a great skill to add to your curriculum vitae, be it that you are looking to start something new or simply wanting to advance on your current job.

Coding is not just for genius, anybody that is ready to learn something new and with an analytic mind can code a computer. With coding skills, you are up for jobs in software development, mobile app development, data analysis and the tech industry generally. While many industries were shrinking during this pandemic, recruiters in the tech industry were having a problem filling up openings.

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Since more people are staying at home, the traditional ways of marketing and selling are being replaced with Digital Marketing techniques like social media marketing, email marketing, blogging, digital advertising etc. So, the demand for people with these skills and computer graphics in the job market automatically went up.

Time To Start Learning Is Now

Want to learn either software development, web development, mobile app development, computer graphics or digital marketing, then join Alabian Solutions’ next training session starting in the first week of October. Get more information on our website.

Who Is Alabian Solutions Limited?

Alabian Solutions Limited started operations in 2011 as a company that was solely into web development, as time goes on, we expanded our operation into digital marketing, app development, data analysis and human capacity development in the area of technology. In 2016 we were selected for a World Bank/FGN business expansion grant. And this year we were selected for Forbes First Digital Startup Accelerator Program in Nigeria. A couple of our ex-students now works in world-class tech companies and some are also tech startups founders/co-founders.

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