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Kanayo O. Kanayo’s Call To Bar, A Message Of Hope In A Time Of Despair


On Tuesday, September 15, 2020, veteran Nollywood actor, Kanayo O. Kanayo thrilled Nigerians with the message that he can now be addressed as “Anayo Modestus Onyekwere, Esq, MFR (Barrister And Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria).” The interesting thing about Kanayo’s achievement does not lie in the fact that he is a lawyer, Nigeria has some of the finest lawyers in the world, but the fact that at the age of 53, with his fame and status as a celebrity which of course translates into having less time for anything else, Kanayo could muster the courage to fight for his dreams of becoming a lawyer. At this age, most people would have settled for what life has given them.

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In a time when a pandemic-ravaged year has threatened the possibility of some people living up to their dreams, Kanayo being called to bar at the age of 58 represents hope to people that they should never give up and keep fighting for their dreams. As the actor pointed out

“Don’t you ever give up on anything you want to become” I have always wanted to study law since my first degree in the early 1990s.’’

It will be recalled that Kanayo made his debut in the Nigerian film industry in the 1992/1993 hit movie, Living in Bondage. Despite earning his first degree in the early 1990s and having a successful career in Nollywood which has spanned over three decades, little did we all know that he had his eyes on something else, a dream he was willing to achieve mindless of the time and age he found himself.

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Five years earlier when he enrolled for a law degree at the University of Abuja, many expressed surprise at the news. Some wondered why the United Nations ambassador who also holds the title of MFR as conferred on him by the government in 2013, would choose to stress himself out with the huge task of becoming a lawyer and I am pretty sure that some doubted the possibility of the 53-year-old achieving this dream but he proved doubters wrong and motivated every dreamer on the surface of the earth.


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