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Packing Tips for Fashion Forward Travellers

When people travel, they throw in a few casuals with a couple of classy outfits in case something special comes up. But for a fashionista, there is a lot more to consider when packing. A fashion forward person will never want to be caught with their pants down during their trip. So we’ve compiled some packing tips for anyone who wants to keep their fashion game 100%.

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Take Classy and Trendy Outfits

To show that you are abreast with the times and seasons, take along trendy clothes. Not just what is trendy at your end, but what is trendy at your destination.

For instance, wearing a tank top and a silk Ankara print maxi skirt may be trendy in Delta State, but in Lagos, it might just be a bold stripped palazzo pants with a scarf, sunshade, and tank top. Thus, do your research properly so you don’t wear a bikini in the North where people dress conservatively to swim.

Also, it is advisable to travel with classy items like a plain coloured maxi and midi dress or a little black dress, a plain T-shirt with jeans, leggings and comfy trousers.

Don’t forget to pack accessories like a pair of neutral shade sneakers, sunshades, a scarf, multipurpose handbag, simple leather sandals, amongst others. It is better to look timeless than to look outdated.

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Select Wrinkle Free Combos

Electricity isn’t a given in Nigeria and even if you are staying at a hotel, you do not know for certain if they would charge you extra for ironing or laundry services. So you need to travel with clothes that are wrinkle-free.

Clothes made from fabrics like jeans, Lycra, chiffon, wool, velvet or neoprene are just right. If you must use cotton or satin, make sure it is well laundered or you are in a place with access to good laundry services. You can also use a suit bag to pack corporate wears if you are travelling for business.

Select a Look For Every Occasion

Whether you are sitting at home all day, going for morning jogs/exercise classes or attending an event, you need a different look. Fashionistas avoid repeating outfits just in case they get photographed. So they always pack an accessory or dual purpose outfit that can help them switch up their looks.

They also research the weather and ask questions about the dress codes to places on their itinerary. For instance, will they need to swim when visiting Alpha Beach? If yes, they pack a bathing suit, and a chiffon tunic to use when not swimming, shorts to enable them to come down from the boat ride without wetting their clothes, and flip-flops they can hold in hand and wear later for a stroll on the beach. That way, they won’t need a suitcase full of unnecessary clothing they won’t use.


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