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Recipe for Avocado Toast Sandwich

It’s morning and as usual, bread is on the breakfast menu. You know your family will probably roll their eyes when they see bread on their plate again. Even you sef wey dey serve them don tire to eat bread and egg, bread and butter or mayonnaise and even bread toast. But you can’t help yourself since you have a permanent position in the Quick Breakfast Company.

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Well, if this is your story, I bring great tidings of Avocado Toast Sandwich to you today. It’s an awesome way to enjoy bread. Your family will taste and testify. Oh yes, our job is to make you and yours happy. Oya, let me show you how to make this so that your family will smile broadly this morning.

Ingredients for Avocado Toast Sandwich


Avocado pear


Fresh pepper

Boiled egg

Optional Ingredients

Fresh tomatoes



How To Prepare

The first step in making this food is to boil the eggs. So, rinse the eggs. Add water to a kettle or pot and gently lower the eggs into it. Set to boil on medium heat.

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Rinse the lettuce thoroughly to eliminate sand. Rinse and slice the tomatoes into any shape of your choice. Set aside for later use.

Slice the avocado pear open. Remove the seed. Scoop the avocado into a bowl and mash it up with a fork or spoon. Add salt and pepper to it and mix.

Please note that I sliced and used fresh pepper for this. However, you can use ground pepper, if you prefer.

When you are done mashing and mixing the avocado, open the bread and bring out the number of slices you want. Butter the sides of the bread.

Once you’re done, the next thing to do is to toast the bread. You can either use a toaster for this or you can toast the manual way using a frying pan as I did.

For manual toasting, get a clean pan. Heat it up on low to medium heat. Gently place the bread slices in the pan.

Let the bread toast for a few minutes. Afterwards, flip the slices of bread so that the other sides will have a chance to toast as well.

When both sides are crispy and golden brown, scoop them out. Repeat the process with the other slices of bread.

If your boiled eggs are ready, peel off the shell and slice them into any shape of your choice. Place a slice of toasted bread on a plate. Add the mashed avocados,  tomato slices, lettuce and eggs. You can add as much avocado as you want.

Cover the sandwich with another bread toast and slice into halves. Repeat this process with the other toasted slices.

When they are all layered up and covered, serve with a hot beverage or soft drink.


Featured Image Source: Jackie Newgent

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