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The Top Four Online Food Delivery Platforms in Nigeria

Nigeria’s food delivery industry is worth $332 million. And it’s set to grow even further in the coming years, as Nigerians warm up to ordering their meals via digital channels.

There are numerous players in the food delivery market– almost as many as there are restaurants offering delivery services to customers. However, the majority of the market is dominated by a few players.

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The top four are as follows:

Jumia Food

Jumia Foods vs OFoods: All You Need to Know Before Ordering Your Meals

Technext NG

Jumia Food has a hold of 50% of Nigeria’s food delivery market. This dominant performance by Jumia is the result of its strong presence in the wider eCommerce sphere; it leads the pack in the $12 billion industry.

In 2018, Jumia launched its late-night food delivery service which allows orders to be made and delivered up until midnight. This strengthened its hold of top spot going into 2019 and has continued to do so to date.


Domino's Launches the New York Hot Dog Pizza | Feast Magazine

Feast Magazine

Domino’s pizza delivery service accounts for 25% of Nigeria’s delivery market as captured by available data. The global pizza brand launched in Nigeria in 2012 and has become well known in some of the country’s major cities.

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Customers can order a pizza from a store closest to them using the store locator on the company’s website.


Berry Dakara: GIVEAWAY: Win a ₦10,000 Restaurant Gift Card from Ofadaa

Berry Dakara

Ofadaa is more a restaurant locator than a delivery platform. However, the availability of a large number of restaurant contact details makes it a favourite resource for consumers who are looking to have food delivered to them.

About 10% of the food delivery activity in Nigeria for which data is available goes through Ofadaa.


Go Food Png & Free Go Food.png Transparent Images #3745 - PNGio


GoFood is a popular food delivery platform that allows its users to find a restaurant and place an order for a meal. This can be done on its website or via its mobile app, which can be downloaded from app stores.


The market for food delivery is huge. But it’s also challenging; a few large players have had to exit the arena in the past few years. Nevertheless, growth continues to happen in the sector as more Nigerians choose the convenience of having their food served to them where they are.


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