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3 Tips to Guide You When Visiting Nigeria

The aim of the Fascinating Nigeria campaign in 2013 was to put Nigeria on the global tourism map. We have so many amazing natural attractions with historical and cultural twists. Nigerians are friendly, energetic, and can give you a once in a lifetime experience. These features necessitate the need for Nigeria to be identified as a global tourist destination.

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So if for any reason you intend to visit Nigeria, there are a few things you need to know.

Have the Local Currency on You

Keep your foreign credit card and currency away. Invest in getting cash in naira. The naira comes in the following denominations- 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 naira notes. You can arrange an e-wallet or mobile banking options with any Nigerian bank to have access to our money. Or you may trust your host or local tour operator to handle financial transactions for you. There are ATMs all over the country, so a Nigerian debit card can be useful to have. If you need to pay tips, doing so in small amounts and denominations of naira is better. Besides, your conversion would guarantee you have enough extra cash on you. Just don’t carry a wad of cash around, you can have just enough on you but not too much. Major cities in Nigeria like Lagos or Abuja are great for cashless transactions. But the same can’t be said for less popular cities, that’s why you definitely need cash on you.

Choose a Festive Period to Visit

An election year is not the best time to visit Nigeria because of the tension in the atmosphere. It will dampen your fun. Rather, choose a festive period to visit. There are many festive periods in Nigeria. For example, religious holidays and public holidays like Independence Day celebration in Abuja have festivities to delight you. There are other festivals like Ake Book Festival and Comic-Con Lagos for those in the literary society.

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Also, we have community festivals like Argungu fishing festival, Iwayi yam festival, and Eyo festival. December has the most activities. There are the Calabar & Lagos Carnival, and HORT concert. This guarantees you have an eventful visit.

Always Have Data On You

Get a Nigerian SIM card from either Airtel, Glo, MTN, or 9mobile. Activate a data plan- either daily, weekly, or monthly bundles -and stay connected. There is a lot you can do in Nigeria with the internet. You can hail a cab like Uber or Bolt from the comfort of your accommodation to handle your transport needs. Want to get food delivery services, you can find that on the web as most Nigerian businesses now have an online presence. You can also book reservations and look up destinations you may need to visit. Also, Nigerians rely heavily on WhatsApp communication. Having data with you can make it easier to keep in touch or communicate with certain vendors.

There are many more things to know and do when visiting Nigeria. These are just the basics to help you get by.


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