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A Great Opportunity To Get Your Business Online Using A .ng Domain


Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) is the Registry for the .ng country code Top Level Domain (.ng ccTLD) and maintains the database of names registered under the .ng extension. .ng is Nigeria’s identity on the Internet, which is globally recognized and accepted. Like our currency, the Naira, it is unique to Nigeria and can provide extensive visibility for users of the domain string.

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There are many advantages of making your businesses available online, on the .ng platform. Below are a few of them.


With .ng, to be identified as Nigerian online is undoubtedly profitable, particularly with the current focus on a Digital Economy. So, whether you are in Fintech, Education, Banking, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) or Technology, you will increase the value of your goods and services by getting a .ng domain. Be identified as Nigerian online today


For the team at .ng, pride and patriotism are right at the top of the motivation for world-class service. It should be so for you as well. If you have a business in Nigeria, with Nigerians as your primary target/clients, then what better domain string would you identify with online? .ng is a patriotic option.


With the world economy crumbling under the impact of COVID-19, the payment of steep funds to register foreign domains is another expense which can be saved by the registration of a .ng domain name. With a .ng domain, registration and renewal do not require the purchase of foreign exchange. The pricing scheme is friendly, with different second-level domain names to choose from, and it is not influenced by fluctuations in exchange rates.

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The economic climate brought about by the necessary restrictions in a bid to curb the COVID-19 Pandemic has created challenges for many businesses. If you did not think about taking your business online before now, you need to think again. In order to ensure that your business survives and continues to thrive in these times, it has to be able to make goods and services available online.

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With all of the above reasons and more in mind, NiRA responded to the need to get as many businesses online as possible at this time, by collaborating with her Accredited Registrars to give .ng non-premium .ng domain names at a massive discount of up to 50% to its Registrants. So, from the 24th September 2020 to 20th November 2020, anyone who wants to make themselves and their businesses available online using a .ng domain on the second level can do so by searching for their preferred domain name from and choosing one of over twenty participating registrars to register the domain. Terms and Conditions apply.

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