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App Of The Week: DRO Health


DRO Health is a mobile application launched to provide pregnant women access to a licensed gynaecologist from the comfort of their home. Given the need for expectant mothers to constantly be in touch with healthcare providers, the app makes it easy and affordable too:

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  • Schedule appointments with any doctor.
  • Connect with doctors on demand.
  • Order your medication and prescriptions whenever the need arises.
  • Book diagnostic tests as a walk-in or home service.
  • Connect your family to one account for payments.

How To Use The App

The app is available on the Google Play store and the App Store for Android and iOS users respectively. Once downloaded, users can register by entering details such as name, gender, date of birth, city of residence, and more.

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Next, you will be ushered onto the homepage of the app where you will be given the option to choose between the services provided by DRO Health including. You can choose to see a practitioner, order medication, book a diagnostic test, fund your wallet, or post-appointment messages.

The app provides you with a detailed list of practitioners whom you can book at any time. It also offers notes, a calendar for booking appointments, and a list of prescriptions.

DRO Health has a simple interface, making it easy for the user to access their preferred service.

Getting the app

Click one of the links below to download the app depending on the device (android or iOS) you use.

Featured Image Source: TechCabal

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