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Did You Know? 3 Ways to Fry Yams

Yam is a regular meal in most Nigerian homes. There are different delicacies that you can make from this food. One of such delicacies is fried yam. It is so popular that it is sold by street vendors in the mornings and evenings. This makes it easy for those who were unable to make it at home to eat it if they want to.

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Anyways, the different methods of frying yams is our topic for today. I’m sure most people who know just one way of preparing this food will be like, “different methods keh? What’s she talking about? There’s only one-way joor.” Well, if you are a member of this club, just keep reading. You’ll surely learn something new today.

Before I tell you the different methods of frying yam, here are two things for you to bear in mind. First, if you want your fried yams to turn out well, they should be fried on low to medium heat. Secondly, care must be exercised while adding the yams to hot oil to avoid splattering. That said, here are three different methods of frying yams:

Simply salt and fry

The first method is by far the most popular method of frying yam. It’s a straightforward, drama-free method; a first-timer can attempt it and get it right. It involves peeling, cutting and rinsing and salting chunks of yam before deep-frying them in a  deep fryer or frying pan. Salting for this method is usually done by sprinkling salt on the yam slices before they are tossed to ensure even distribution of the salt.

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Parboil before frying

The second method is not as popular as the first. It involves parboiling the yam first before deep frying. Yamaritta is prepared using this method. But there are people who have adopted this method as their own style of frying yam.

Fry in salty water and oil

The third method of frying yam is a variation of the first method. It involves peeling and slicing chunks of raw yam. However, instead of adding salt to the yam chunks and tossing them as is obtained in the first method, the yams are soaked in salty water for at least one or two minutes before they are added with the salty water into the hot oil for deep frying. Proponents of this method equally claim that adding water to the yams helps to soften them first before frying.

So, these are the three methods of frying yams. In my opinion, the first and second method can be tried by the experienced and inexperienced but the third method should be reserved for the experts. That’s because frying, at the best of time, involves splattering. Adding water to hot oil will only increase the dangers of splattering. So, be careful when frying your yams. Most importantly, do what works for you.


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Udevi, Obiamaka Angela holds a Master of Arts degree in History & International Studies. She's a freelance writer with a passion for food and healthy living. She can be contacted through her email address,

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