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#EndSARS: Why Are We Protesting?

A lot of people don’t know what the protests are for. Even the police do not know that we are on the same side. Yes, we want to end police abuse but let me paint a picture.

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You see, the police killings are brutal but swift while the other abuses are slow and deliberate. The other abuses:

  • No light
  • No water
  • No health care
  • No education
  • No security
  • No accountability

They are all killing us, slowly, sometimes silently but surely, we are all getting killed. The order to shoot and kill the youths come from above, otherwise, it would have stopped.

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Most politicians and officeholders are PURE EVIL while some are good. Some are good but are incompetent but for whatever reason want to hold on to power.

All these are the reasons why these protests are going on.

  • Have you heard what the average NASS member makes?
  • Have you heard their retirement benefits?
  • Have you heard that of governors?
  • Do you know how much the LGA’s control?
  • I think once all Nigerians hear these, they will join the protest.
  • The double taxation to fund the salaries of the elite
  • The unliveable conditions of our servicemen and women because of the greed of a few men and women.

You see, we are all in the same boat and the captains are but less than 1,000.

I think it is time for the police and everyone else to know that we are fighting for the rights of not just the youths but for everyone to also stay alive and thrive.

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