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How To Finish What You Start


Let’s face it, starting something is often easier than completing it. In the beginning, the thrill of starting something new fills you with so much eagerness to complete it, but before you know it, you’ve moved on to the next idea.

This is a big problem and a major reason why a lot of people fail to achieve anything.

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Being able to complete what you start is of paramount importance if you want to succeed. It gives you an edge in life because it is a rare trait and instils in you the confidence to achieve more.

One reason why people fail to see things to the end is a lack of discipline. Another is a failure to do proper research and plan well.  Irrespective of what stops you from completing what you start, you can change that pattern starting today.

Here are 4 tips on how to finish the projects you start.

Do Your Homework Before You Embark On A New project

Doing proper research and planning can go a long way in helping you know whether something is right for you, and if so, how you should go about it.

Think critically before you embark on something. Make sure you’re passionate about that thing.

Once you have this figured out, research on the resources you will need – how much time and effort it will take to complete it, and if there is any prerequisite knowledge needed. Next, plan out your time and resources accordingly and integrate it into your schedule. To stick to your plans, block out time in your calendar for the project.

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Find An Accountability Partner 

Having an accountability partner is a great motivator for committing to what you have started. The person you pick to hold you accountable should be someone who can look out for you and call you to order if you go off track. Set and review your goals with them regularly. It is even more effective if this is someone you look up to or someone who is working on the same project as you.

Don’t Set Unrealistic Goals 

The biggest mistake many make when setting goals is underestimating the amount of time it would take to achieve that goal.

If you have big goals, break them into smaller more attainable ones, and start from the smallest one. Chasing big goals is worthwhile but you also want to make sure you can achieve the goals you set.

Commit To It 

Once you start, have a “no going back” mindset. The only reason to ever abandon a project is if you discover it does not align with your purpose, but otherwise, you should stick with it.

Don’t allow distractions to stop you from attending to that skill you’ve been planning to learn. Remember that while the former may bring you instant gratification, the latter will provide you with rewards that you will keep reaping in the long run.

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