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How to Make Tomato Puree Without Adding Water

Tomato is one vegetable that makes a regular appearance in our kitchen. It is used in making foods like stew, jollof rice, tomato sauce and a few other delicacies.

The popular way of making fresh tomatoes into puree involves adding water to the tomatoes in the blender. This is often done to ease the spinning process and make the transition from fresh vegetable to puree easier on the blender.

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Unfortunately, this method adds more water to the one that is naturally contained in the tomatoes. This invariably extends the cooking time and a lot of gas is sacrificed while waiting for the water in the tomatoes to dry up.

Today, I bring you another method, one that will not only help you to reduce the quantity of water in your tomatoes but also prevent you from adding more water to it while blending. That method involves boiling fresh tomatoes and other ingredients needed to make puree before blending. This method will also shorten your cooking time. So, take a moment to study it. I’m sure that a trial will convince you.

For today’s tomato puree  I’ll need the following ingredients:

Fresh tomatoes

Scotch bonnet peppers




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How to Prepare

Peel the onions, ginger and garlic. The tomatoes and peppers will be cooked whole. Rinse them alongside the fresh tomatoes and peppers. Make sure you rinse at least twice to get rid of the sand in the tomatoes and peppers.

Transfer the ingredients to a clean pot. Place the lid on the pot and set to steam on medium heat.

Note that I did not say add water to the pot. Fresh tomatoes, as I already mentioned, has enough water in it and the reason we’re steaming is to reduce the water content.

Steam the tomatoes for at least 10 to 15 minutes. This will allow the tomatoes time to get soft. Strain the remaining liquid out with a colander and allow to cool.

Transfer the cooked ingredients to a clean blender. Do not add water. Cover the blender and blend till smooth.

You may use your tomato puree immediately. Otherwise, transfer the puree to a clean bowl or zip-lock bag and freeze.


Featured Image Source: Foodviva

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