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How To Scale Your Business From Startup To A Growing Team


Although starting a business is hard, it is nothing compared to the phase when the business picks up momentum and things start moving fast. At this point, startups face a lot of pressure because they have to scale and rising to this challenge can be intimidating.

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While every startup is different, there are certain steps you can take to scale your team effectively. Below are some principles to follow.

Let Competence Be Your Watchword

Running a business is not easy and the people who are willing to embark on such a venture are only but a handful. That’s why you need to be meticulous when picking people to join your team. Always
look for people who exhibit competence.

This involves flexibility and problem-solving. The startup lifestyle is highly dynamic and full of ups and downs.

Can your team members adapt quickly to rapid changes and embrace change? Growing a business is a lifestyle and not a job.

Be Picky

The decisions you make in the beginning stage of a business determines how well you are able to optimise your investments.

This is crucial to the survival of the business in the long run. Be picky about who you’re adding to your team.

One apple spoils the bunch. You could still get rid of incompetent hires, but this will only lead to wasted time and opportunities. It is imperative you get it right the first time.

When evaluating candidates, analyse their work history. What are their references and how much have they achieved?

Try getting this down in the early stage of the interview process to know if it’s worth it investing more time in them.

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Start Small

As a startup, your priority shouldn’t be to hire many workers at the beginning. Instead, you should be more invested in creating sustainable growth while keeping costs low.

Be willing to work with the little you have first – especially if you are bootstrapped. Most times, there is a lot you have to get right before considering hiring.

If you still can’t afford to hire after spending a considerable amount of time in business, you may need to evaluate your idea or business approach. It might not be as profitable as you initially thought.

Prioritise Structure

It’s really important to prioritise structure and clarity if you want your team to deliver the best results.

Designate roles, create plans and set goals for your team so they can work without hesitation and understand what you expect.

The more your startup grows, the more complicated the administrative procedure would become. This is why it’s necessary to design a rich organisational structure for your team. Bridge any communication gap between team members. Figure out which department is key to your company’s growth and find ways to connect them.

Designing a structure for your company involves careful planning and thought but it will pay off in the long run.

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