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iPhone 12 Is Coming…


The Apple iPhone will be returning with its twelfth generation and the rest of the world is hyped about it. The brand changed smartphone and mobile phone culture forever when Steve Jobs announced it in 2007 and since then the name has only stood for cutting edge technology and luxury probably more than any other smartphone in the market. The Apple iPhone is heading into its twelfth generation according to an announcement made at the Apple Event on Tuesday.

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Under strict COVID-19 guidelines, the all-new iPhone 12 series was announced via a pre-recorded video which detailed all its most prominent features and here are a few things you should know.

5G (sorry Pastor Chris) is truly coming and it is coming big time in the iPhone 12 series. Apple has partnered with Verizon to deliver 5G technology on all four variants of the iPhone 12 model. According to, all models support mmWave 5G, at least in the US. There are four variants of the new iPhone namely: the 12 Mini, 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max.

The new iPhone will be at least 15% lighter than the last one and will incorporate a better screen display than iPhone 11 with an OLED XDR display that offers 440 pixels per inch. Powering it is the A14 Bionic chip from Samsung (isn’t it ironic) which has AI functionalities.

Unlike the iPhone 11, the camera is where the distinction happens between all the cameras. The iPhone 12, for instance, has dual setup with an f2.4 ultrawide camera and f1.6 wide view. Night mode is also enabled. It also would not be coming with a power adapter and earbuds. The 12 Pro and Pro Max are the premium variants and as such get three cameras as well as LIDAR for depth mapping, AR and low-light autofocus.

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Here, Apple also introduced its own photo format Apple ProRAW which according to synthesizes computational photography and applies to process all parameters, so you can change adjustments like sharpness after the fact. For video, the 12 Pro Max records in 10 Dolby Vision HDR.

The 12 and 12 Mini comes with 64GB of onboard ROM. The 12 Pro and ProMax comes 128 GB in ROM.

The price as released by Apple is another point of the distinction as is the screen surface size. The 5.4” 12 Mini is to go for $699 (approx. #269,000). The iPhone 12 is going for $799 (approx. #306,000), The iPhone12 Pro would set you back $999 (#383,000) and the 12 ProMax would be going for $1099 (#422,000).

Apple also has further entrenched wireless charging through its all-new MagSafe technology that applies to all variants. The tech giant also announced the release of the HomePod Mini. The new smart speaker will be on sale for $99 (approx. #46,000).

The devices go on sale from October 23, 2020 ut you may pre-order from this Friday, October 16.

Featured Image Source: Apple

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