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Nigerian Set To Vie For US Governorship Election


Nigerians have continued making remarkable wave in every sector in the globe. A few days back, we were all jubilating Okonjo-Iweala’s success into the final round of selection process for the post of Director-General of the World Trade Organization, and it did not take long for another Nigerian to surface on the long list of Nigerians influencing the globe positively. 34-year-old Austin Chenge, a native of Benue State, Nigeria, has joined the race to become the Governor of the popular Michigan State of the US. The governorship election which is expected to hold in 2022 saw the Nigerian emerge as the first candidate for the seat in the Republican Party in March 2020.

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Information regarding Chenge’s bid to become governor was made public by Abdul-Rahman Balogun, the Head of Media and Public Relations unit, Nigerians in Diaspora Commission. The statement released by Balogun noted that Chenge, a University of Birmingham Law graduate, made the rounds in Nigeria, in 2016, after designing the popular tricycle commonly known as ‘’Wazobia tricycle,’’ to aid peasant farmers in every part of Africa. Balogun also revealed that Chenge has been working as a specialist with the United States military since 2018.

‘Chenge is a Law graduate from the University of Birmingham, England. Since the year 2018, he has been serving with the US military as a specialist. He is decorated with the Achievement Medal as a Distinguished Honour Graduate with a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 99.8% and for exceptional performance while on active duty.’

Abdul-Rahman Balogun

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A statement from Chenge’s campaign website went further to reveal how sound Chenge is as regards the role of digitalization in a world that is advancing technologically, citing his creation of Waving in social networking which made its way as Facebook’ Wave. The statement also touched on the positives derived from Chenge’s tricycle design in 2016.

‘Austin has always stunned critics by achieving what others consider impossible. A graduate of the School of Law at the University of Birmingham England, Austin raised over $200,000 in funding for his first startup, Holla@Me/ (now sold) in England and soon expanded to San Jose in California. He created Waving in a social networking environment in 2011, a concept later seen on Facebook’ Wave. In 2016 his tricycle design (termed Wazobia tricycle) aimed at improving the lives of peasant farmers, made history in the West African nation of Nigeria as the first designed, engineered and manufactured by a person of Nigerian descent…As of March 2020 Austin became the first Republican Candidate for Governor of Michigan, for the 2022 election.’

Chenge will vie for the governorship ticket of the Republican Party against Lamar Smith.


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