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Travelling During the Dry Season in Nigeria

Nigeria is warm all year round. You get your first taste of the heat from the airport as you alight from an aeroplane. Even when it rains heavily, though it is considerably cooler, the temperatures rarely drop single digit figures except in the northern desert, where temperatures can be as low as 6°C. We have high humidity in low-lying and coastal regions. Yet we consider December till March the ideal time for travelling to Nigeria.

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In Nigeria, we have two seasons, the dry and rainy seasons. In the north, the dry season is from October to March while the rest is rainy season. While in the south, the dry season is from November to February. In the dry season, there are a few months were harmattan reigns, but that is not our focus today. We are interested in the dry season in general.

Here are 3 things you need to know about travelling during the dry season in Nigeria.

Pack light clothing

The heat in the dry season can be unbearable sometimes. It is best to pack cotton clothing or other breathable material. The wearing of handless and skimpy clothing is usually the order of the day, just like in summer. But remember, Nigeria is a very conservative country. So no bikini top on bum shorts without a top over it.

Also, travel with a handkerchief or face towel to help absorb the sweat pelts. The dry season is the perfect time to travel with your sun hat, sunscreen, shades, sandals, snickers, jacket, socks, wipes, and lip balm. Don’t forget to have an occasional sweater or shawl for nighttime when the weather is cooler.

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Close windows when travelling

If you don’t want your furniture to be covered in dust while you are away, close your windows. You can also use nylon or cloth to cover your surfaces, just in case the dust settles. The dry season is usually windy with dust particles in the air. So as fun as it is to drive with the windows down and let the wind in your hair, don’t. You may end up with a grey dust-laddered face and hair. It is advisable to keep tabletops covered and get ready to wash coverings frequently.

Tour prices are higher

Most visitors to Nigeria come from countries experiencing winter during our dry season. This makes airfares out of their country generally higher for them. But the higher influx of international tourists creates a ripple effect of increased prices of hotel accommodation and other tour-related activities. For instance, the dry season is the best time for game viewing at a national park like the Yankari Game Reserve. During this time, the animals gather around the watering hole and are more easily seen than during the rainy season. Hence, the surrounding fares associated with visiting the national park will be higher. So if you are planning to travel during the dry season, best to save in advance for it.


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