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5 Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar


For most of us, food just tastes better with added sugar. If that cup of tea doesn’t taste as nice as we want, we just add more sugar. This goes on until we become too tolerant of sugar and consume unhealthy levels of it.

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Luckily, the body gives off signs when we reach this point. While some of these signs are subtle, others are more obvious and may surprise us when we discover that sugar is the culprit.

Below are 5 signs of high sugar consumption.


Research shows that high levels of sugar content in the stomach can decrease the diversity of healthy bacteria in the gut within the space of just a week. If sugars are not well absorbed in the small intestine, they’ll enter the large intestine where they usually produce bad bacteria.

To avoid putting your stomach in an unhealthy state, try to cut down on added sugars contained in sweeteners, snacks, coke, and more.

Frequent Mood Swings

Glucose provides the body with energy. This is why it is important to pay attention to your daily intake of sugar. Any increase in sugar beyond the proper level can lead to fluctuations in energy throughout the day. Moreover, if your energy level drops, you start feeling moody.

Weight Gain

Weight gain is one of the most obvious signs of high sugar consumption. This is because excess sugar does not fill you up, since it contains no protein or fibre, leading you to crave more food.

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Also, foods high in sugar increase the production of insulin that leads to a build-up of excess fat in the belly rather than other key areas of the body.

Tooth Decay

This one goes without saying. Sugar is a primary cause of tooth decay and the formation of cavities. If sugary foods are not digested or brushed properly, they stay long in the teeth and trigger the formation of plaque, leading to decay. You can prevent this by maintaining proper oral hygiene and cutting down on the sugary foods you consume.

You Experience Brain Fog

Brain fog is a common sign of low blood sugar. Blood sugar levels rise and fall rapidly instead of gradually when you consume a high amount of sugar. Again the drop in blood sugar caused by this can lead to brain fog and even cognitive decline and impairment over time. Try replacing sugar foods with to boost your energy and keep your brain sharp.


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