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5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Wi-Fi Reception


A lot of people are now working out of their homes strictly or otherwise, nowadays and that includes yours truly. This means a lot of people have had to look to bring work home compulsorily and to do this effectively, there is the small matter of having reliable internet. You need good Wi-Fi and while you may already have a router, the reason your Wi-Fi may not be serving you well might be down to minor issues. These issues can be fixed by yourself without reaching out to your network provider. So here are some tweaks.

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Wi-Fi signals travel only about 150 centimetres at most. Hence, the closer you are, the better. Now while you may not be able to change your work set-up easily, you can change the Wifi router’s position to a location as close to the centre of your home. That would ensure that wherever you are at home, you are as close as you can be to your Wi-Fi router.

Lift Your Router Off The Ground

Wifi signals tend to project downwards so it would be wise to put your router on a platform as high up as possible. That way, you will be sure to receive a signal on your device.

Do Not Enclose

Do not keep your router in any enclosure within your home or a room thereof. That would obstruct signal quality and strength. Make sure also to keep apart from other electronic appliances in your home.

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Antenna Positioning

Make sure to position your router antenna thus: one should face horizontally while the other faces vertically. This is because your laptop or PC, for instance, gets signals horizontally so an antenna positioned that way will improve signal flow. Phones vary in how they receive signal so either position works.

Measure Signal Strength

There are apps that allow you to measure signal strength that you can download on Google PlayStore and AppStore. Now measure signal strength from different positions and angles in your house and with that info, position your router for maximum signal and internet quality.

Of course, if none of these tips works out then be sure to contact your service provider promptly to diagnose and resolve the issue, whatever it is.

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