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How To Make Eggplant Swallow

Eggplant which is also known as aubergine belongs to the nightshade family of plants. This vegetable has a deep purple skin; it’s also rich in vitamins and minerals.

There are very few Nigerian foods that are prepared with this vegetable; one of such foods is eggplant swallow. This fufu looks like amala and that’s why it is sometimes called eggplant amala. It’s a low carb fufu meal that can go with any Nigerian soup.

Like most vegetable swallows, eggplant fufu needs the help of a low carb binder for it to become moldable. Xantham gum is one of such low carb binders. Unfortunately, this binder does not work well with eggplant as it makes the swallow too soft. Thus, it’s best not to use it.  Psyllium husk which is another low carb binder, on the other hand, works well with eggplant; it helps it become moldable so that’s what we are going to use.

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One medium eggplant

One teaspoon of psyllium husk


Rinse and chop the eggplant into smaller bits for easy blending. Pour the eggplant into the blender and blend with as little water as possible.

Once you have achieved a smooth puree, pour the pureed ingredient into a cheesecloth to drain out the water. When all the water had seeped out of the eggplant puree, transfer it into a pot.

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Set the pot on medium heat and start stirring. When the content of your pot heats up, check the time and stir for 5 more minutes.

When the time has elapsed, add the psyllium husk. Stir for 2 more minutes or till a mouldable dough is formed.

Turn off the heat and scoop your eggplant swallow into a plate or a plastic film. Serve hot with any swallow of your choice.


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