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How To Navigate This Coming Holiday Season


The holidays are slowly creeping upon us and if you are broke, fret not. We are many in that boat. Few will leave. More will join us. It is Nigeria and Bubu is still president. Now, I know none of us has been through Christmas in a global pandemic and since all of us are stuck here, let me theorise on how you can get through it without slipping into depression. There are a lot of dimensions to get through so let’s start.

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No Hooking Up

If you are a man, please do not go looking for a new girlfriend to add to your portfolio. This is not the time. It was not cheap before so it should not be a priority.

Start Buying Now

If you are unlike me and have any plans to do some balling in December then you might want to get around to buying whatever it is you need now. A lot of things will get costlier in December and rumours have been making the rounds that fuel prices will go up this festive season as is customary (last year was an exception sha). Chances are that it is already late but then again, tomorrow is late compared to today.

Village? I Do Not Know Again

If travelling home to the village was the custom for you and you intend to do so this year, good luck. Many of our village people do not care that coronavirus affected your pocket and the minute you enter, just know that to them, you look like Jesus. If you can handle it, by all means, go ahead.

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Be Careful

The spate of crime right now is not even encouraging and in the wake of the protests from these past months, police have deliberately decided to punish the populace for daring to protest their excesses by staying off the streets in the past few weeks. What this means is that the streets are not safe. So do not walk alone if you can’t help it and if you do not have to, do not stay out late.

Wear A Mask

Coronavirus is still a thing so help your guardian angel as much as possible by taking basic precautions. Wear a mask and wash your hands as much as possible. You can only take so much precaution, yes, but do it anyway. I cannot shout!!!

Nothing here is guaranteed to keep you safe and through December but it could help. Besides, no one knows what even the near future holds but I hope we get through it together.

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Some call me David. Others, Emerie. Others, (unfortunate fellows) Biggie. I like to think that I have sense and that is why I write too. Otherwise, I draw and paint and sing (in the bathroom) and love to make people laugh. I love to understand how things work and that’s why I love DIY videos and YouTube of course. Follow me on Twitter @EmerieOkwara

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