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Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation: How To Trick Your Brain To Like Doing Hard Things

Though we would like it the other way round, nothing good comes easy. We have to put in the work if we want to see results and achieve success in life. But sometimes it is just plain hard.

We all face this problem. We see the benefit of learning a skill to advance our careers yet we procrastinate. We know that fruits and vegetables are healthy, yet we find them undesirable and opt for junk food instead. We find that the only way we can do hard but rewarding things is if we force ourselves to do them.

Listening to motivational talk can only do so much before we lose focus and sometimes give up on our goals. How then do we reach that point where we roll up our sleeves and do the hard things even when we don’t feel like it?

The answer lies in your brain. Contrary to popular belief, willpower won’t get you far. You can’t force your brain to get you to do what you don’t want to do because this would only lead to more resistance.

The only way you can trick your brain into liking the hard things is through influence. Here are 4 mindsets that will influence your brain into letting you do things that are hard yet beneficial.

Learn to Love the Process

If given the chance, most of us would opt for success without having to take the required steps to become successful. This is understandable. Achieving success is not easy. It requires a whole lot of commitment, discipline, and focus.

Most people fail to reach their full potentials because the process is indeed filled with challenges. Why go through the pain of changing your diet when you can easily ignore your weight gain and continue munching on your favourite snacks? Why acquire a new skill when you can binge-watch Netflix and manage your low-paying job?

On the flip side, it is by doing the hard things that we improve our lives. Stop procrastinating on doing difficult things. Remember, it is the steps you take to reach your goals that will make your life better. Start loving the process and relish in the fact that the more steps you take, the closer you are to your goals.

Aim to Live

Towards the end of their lives, most people regret the things they failed to do when they were younger. They reflect on all the missed opportunities and wish they had taken action when they had the chance.

To avoid living a life of regrets, take action now. The greatest risk is not taking any risks at all. If you fail, you’ll learn from your mistakes and know the right step to take next time. You won’t get the opportunity to truly live if you keep playing it safe.

It’s Okay to Be Wrong

One of the things that stop us from doing hard but rewarding things is doubt. We like to know the outcome of an endeavour before starting. This in itself is not a bad thing. The problem lies in overthinking the step even when we’ve done some research and failing to take any action. As a result, we end up wasting our time, missing opportunities, and increasing the likelihood of regret.

Make a decision and resolve to stick with it. Trust your guts about it and remember why you started it when challenges arise. If you want to be more decisive, know that the way you react to the outcome of a decision matters more than whether the decision is good or bad. Even if you end up being wrong, you’d be better off than if you took no action.

Take Moderation Seriously

Discipline increases when you cut down on activities that provide you with instant gratification. As they say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but all play and no work makes Jack a mere toy.

Create time for the activities to enjoy but also know when it’s time to go back to work mode. Aim to maintain a balance between pleasure and work so that you don’t adopt bad habits and become less productive.


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