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If You Own A Lot, You Need L-Happy


“Will it cover my wife’s car and my PlayStation? I am getting this because nothing must happen to my game set especially. And iyawo’s car too.

Donald laughed as he repeated it over the phone. He wanted to be sure that his PlayStation and his wife’s car are both protected. Adulthood gives us the luxury of having our happiness come from different sources. The sources include but are not limited to a good job, a loving family, the warmth of having a cozy apartment, cars that take you wherever you want to go, and hobbies that give you a break from life’s hassles. For Donald and many others who own a lot that gives them comfort, it came with the fierce need to protect it all.

What If You Can Get Just One Insurance Plan To Cover All/Multiple Assets At An Even More Affordable Cost?

Permit us to introduce you to L-HAPPY- the all-in-one comprehensive cover you need.

There are insurance covers that cater to specific needs, but L-Happy is designed to cater to people like Donald who own a lot. This is because we realize it can be quite a hassle sifting through endless paperwork and premiums trying to save everything dear to you individually.

“The L-Happy insurance plan solves this problem by bringing all that you hold dear under one cover without leaving anything behind. It is an all-in-one insurance product that leaves you no worry by protecting your car(s) and that of your partner, your house and the properties within and even a  personal accident cover for you and your family.”

What makes L-Happy remarkable is that it covers all that you own while being very affordable. This means that no matter how many properties you have in the family, you don’t have to strain your purse to get insurance coverage on all of them separately.

Continue your daily pursuit without worries with L-Happy. To get started, visit our website or request a call back for more information at

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