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Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation: 6 Habits Of Incredibly Happy People


We’ve all heard the phrase “happiness is free”. It’s a cliche but it stands true.

Happy people are not defined by the things they possess or achieve. Instead, they are defined by a mindset that helps them thrive and lead a successful life.

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In this article, you’ll discover 6 habits for cultivating this mindset that leads to a truly happy life.

They Find Joy In The Little Things

Do Cliches like “it’s the little things in life” and “stopping to smell the roses” result in happiness?

Yes. Because it is in such times that we find a reason to keep “living” and appreciate what life had to offer. Happy people find joy in savouring the moment.

They are never too busy to appreciate the wonders of the night sky or go for a refreshing morning walk. Doing little things like these give them a sense of satisfaction and gratitude.

They Are Grateful For Everything They Have 

Happiness comes from the things you have and not the things you wish you had.

It’s often difficult for many to remember the amazing aspects of their lives, let alone appreciate them.

Happy people focus their attention on what they already have instead of what they lack. This reminds them that they are not where they used to be or shows them that they are way luckier than many out there. With this mindset, opportunities flow their way.

They Focus On Their Strengths 

It’s futile and damaging to focus on our weaknesses and neglect our strengths.

The things we give attention to, expand. So when we focus on our weaknesses, we become weaker. But when we focus on our strengths, we maximise them, and the more confident we become.

Happy people pick something they are good at, hone it, and get good at it. The passion, as well as the success they derive from doing this, sustains them and fills them with abundant joy.

They Challenge Themselves Daily 

The comfort zone leads to a life of sadness and dissatisfaction. It is the enemy of a happy and successful life.

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It may feel safe at the moment, but it only leads to a lot of insecurity down the line.

Happy people know this and that is why they seek out new ways to challenge themselves daily. They see problems as challenges instead of setbacks and search until they locate the tools to solve these challenges.

They Know There Will Be Bad Days

Happy people know it’s not possible to have it good all the time. So they prepare their minds for the bad times.

And when the bad times come, they accept them for what they are and strive to get through them. With this mindset, they are not shaken by the bad days because they know they are temporary and the good times are upon them.

They Have An Abundance Mentality 

Happiness is often stifled by the fear of “losing it all”.

Unhappy people are always insecure and scared when an opportunity closes. They fail to understand that they have the ability to create options for themselves without needing to cling to only one thing.

On the other hand, the people who lead happy lives know the universe is abundant. They focus on creating opportunities in every way they can instead of pinning their hopes on just one option.

As a result, they avoid needless suffering and embrace a life of abundance.

So if you were ever wondering if happiness is truly free, think no more. You have your answer: it is.

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