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Security Measures to Undertake When Travelling

Often before we travel, we are concerned about the security situation en route to our destination. We read up on as many safety precautions and ask friends who recently travelled what their opinion of the trip was like. This is not unique with road travel, even air travellers get worried sometimes too. Besides what you can do personally, there are some other measures you can take to ensure your travel safety.

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Travel With a Security Conscious Driver/Transport Company

When embarking on a journey in Nigeria, it is important you are streetwise. There are some security tips a trained driver can pick up on that an average traveler may miss. For example, drive 80—120km/h and stay on the speed lane when travelling on a narrow road with bushes on the side. The driver needs to see far ahead and watch the sides of the road to know when to slow down and observe what is happening around. Drivers need to be cautious or have foresight when driving. A good transport company will test and hire drivers who have experience and train them to be security conscious. Knowledge of defensive driving is imperative to prevent a collision or escape a road hazard that shows up unannounced. That way, even if you just want to hire the drivers rather than use their vehicle or transport services, you know you are in good hands.

Leverage on Safety-Enhancing Technology

Whatever technology you can get to make your trip safer, use it. Examples include GPS trackers, mobile apps, CCTV surveillance, cellular and satellite beacons, and burglary alarm systems. Should you run into any road challenge, it will be nice to know you documented it in video as proof of your innocence.

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Also, technology can help trace your last known location in the event of a kidnapping or delayed communication with your family. Or if you need to take a turn to avoid traffic on a major route, technology can help you check out your options. It can also give an aerial view of alternative routes so you know what you are getting into.

Hire Trained Security Personnel

Some travel destinations require you to have trained security escorts. You can outsource your security concerns to private security companies. They might give you one or two security persons to accompany you on your journey back and forth. Or you can reach out to the police station at the destination and make necessary arrangements ahead of time and when you arrive for mobile police (MOPOL) protection. Sometimes, when you visit a traditional ruler of a place, he might welcome you and allow police escort with sirens so everyone knows you are under their protection while in the state.

The average Nigerian doesn’t bother too much with all these travel security measures because in ‘God we trust’. But if security is a big deal to you, then consider using one or more of the tips listed here.


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