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WhatsApp Update: Disappearing Messages


You probably already have WhatsApp on your Android device and probably iPhone (not particularly sure you need it there). For nigh on a decade, WhatsApp has been the go-to app for billions around the world. In 2013, Facebook acquired the company for over 2 billion dollars. Ever since, it has been like every other application on app stores, offering updates and this past Wednesday, they put out a new and interesting update to it.

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The disappearing messages feature has now been added to the fray. The new and cool update will change how we message each other.  The feature allows your phone to receive certain types of messages such as voice notes, pictures, videos, and documents for only a given amount of time after which the message disappears from the chat timeline and from your phone altogether. It is a feature that appeals to many users since the fact that users could not save phone memory no thanks to the many GIFs, voice notes etc. Now, you will only save the information you want while the app automatically deletes those you do not want to be saved on your phone. You now get to see the message in any form after which the thing disappears for good.

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The new feature is a part of the new app update and users who update WhatsApp automatically may already use it. If you do not have it yet, then update your WhatsApp and catch up on this new feature. As a side note, I think Whatsapp had a really interesting ad to announce this. Check their Twitter account for it. It is something.

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