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10 Corporate Gift Items You Can Give Your Clients This Christmas

Giving is the hallmark of Christmas as we’ve come to know it. While your business works to claw in the sales this season, don’t forget to appreciate your clients for sticking with you through the year. You could do this by sending them gift items they’d love.

There’s good business sense in this. It keeps you top of your customers’ minds and improves the standing of your brand in their estimation. They will be more likely to remain your customers and spread the word about your offerings to their colleagues and friends.

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If you’re wondering what kind of gifts your business should give its clients this Christmas, here are ten suggestions you can choose from.

Gift Hamper

How about a gift basket stuffed with items that your customers consider valuable?

It’s up to you to decide what kind of content you’d prefer the pack to have. Perhaps you’ll go for something with edibles (wines, cereals, snacks, etc), perfumes, socks, or other things that the recipient would like.

Gift Card

You can provide your client with a gift card with which they can make purchases at their favourite store, or eat out at a restaurant. Be sure that the gift card is set for a place (and experience) that the receiver will appreciate.


Calendars have been a widely favoured corporate gift item for a long time. They are still a good option; when they’re branded, they remind the receiver about the company that gave it to them. If you want your business to stay within the sights of your clients, a nicely designed and branded calendar is something you should consider giving them as a gift.

Professional Notebook

Chances are, your client will be doing a fair bit of writing, especially if they are a business (or a business person). Why not help them with an extra, nicely-made notebook that they can use?

Go for something that’s top quality, having either leather or hardback. It should have your brand’s colours and logo as well, so your client always notes that it’s from you.

Customized Water Bottle

You can’t be certain that your customer doesn’t already have a heap of unused water bottles sitting somewhere. But you can at least make your water bottle gift significant in their eyes by getting them something that’s better-than-regular. There are many good options you can choose from, available at both online and brick-and-mortar stores.

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Personalized Mugs

Mugs are another popular gift choice for corporates. You can make yours stand out by adding your client’s name on it. This personal touch will give the gift the extra-special aura, and make its recipient appreciate it more.

Power Bank

Power outages are a real challenge on this side of the world. You can be certain that your customer has suffered the displeasure of having their devices shut down because they couldn’t get them charged on time. So they’ll probably be happy to get a power bank from you, as it’ll save their devices’ batteries the next time there’s an extended absence of power.

A Great Book

Think about the books you’ve read. Which ones would make great corporate gifts?

Maybe go for something in the business or personal development niches, or just a read that’s impacted you positively as a person. If you’re not sure what books to give, check out this list of 30 business books.

Business Card Holder

Your clients may be business people just like you. So they could be exchanging business cards with potential and active business partners and customers. Show them that you’re concerned about their networking success by gifting them a business cardholder.

Fashion Accessories

Wristwatches, ties, tie clips, necklaces and cufflinks are also good gift ideas.

Final Words

Christmas presents you with a chance to show your clients that you recognize their loyalty. Take that chance where you can, with the ideas we’ve shared here.


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