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Brands We Love: Grand Cereals

Nigeria’s demand for livestock-derived products continues to grow. It’s driven by a population that’s fast-expanding, and by the public’s unwavering love for meat, eggs, and milk.

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The farmers churning out these products need their animals healthy, so they can keep output high enough to meet soaring demand. For this, they turn to one of the many feed producers in the country.

The feed production industry in Nigeria is populated by numerous players; both big-name brands and informal businesses jostle for a share of the market. But the public’s need for their products is always increasing, so the market isn’t saturated.

One of the better-known brands in the Nigerian feed production space is Grand Cereals. A subsidiary of UAC Foods, they are involved in the manufacture of nutritious preparations for both animal and human consumption. Besides animal feed, they also make edible oils, breakfast cereals and pet food.

Grand Cereals was founded in 1983. In the decades since its establishment, it has become a leader in the feed manufacturing industry and developed a significant product line for human consumers as well. It’s headquartered in Jos, Plateau State, and also has production facilities in Kano and Onitsha.

Today, the Grand Cereals corporate family includes three companies, each devoted to making a specific category of product. They are the Grand Edibles (covering edible oils and cereals for human consumption), Vital Feed (animal feed), and Best Mate (pet food).

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The Vital Feed brand serves poultry, fish, cattle, sheep, goat and horses. There are broiler, grower and layer poultry feed; feed for catfish, tilapia fish and general preparations; a horse feed product that’s available in 25kg and 50kg bags; and the Vital Ruminant Feed for cattle, sheep and goats.

Best Mate is represented by the Binggo Dog Food, a dry product that doesn’t require cooking. Puppy and adult variants are available, providing for the peculiar needs of each stage of a dog’s life.

Grand Cereals’ edible products include maize and soya flour, corn flakes, soya oil, protein cereals, and maize grits.

From its manufacturing centres, Grand Cereals’ products are transported (by its logistics partners) to farms, warehouses, and wholesale distributors across Nigeria. The company’s strong distribution network supports its continued presence in far-flung parts of the country.

Grand Cereals has initiated a number of corporate social responsibility projects. These are focused on education, human nourishment, sustainability and social development. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it provided relief materials to selected states in Nigeria.


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