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Do You Know? 6 Things To Be Grateful For In 2020


Ordinarily, I of all people should not even be thinking along this line because I have a personal beef with 2020. So big is this beef that if I saw 2020, I would… Never mind. But I have had to take a step back and focus, instead, on another perspective to things. In spite of all that has gone wrong this year, there may be things to be grateful for and this piece is to enunciate 6 that may pertain to you.

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  • If you never caught the disease at all, then you should be grateful on many levels. Those who had to battle the virus had quite the ordeal and many had paid handsomely for the privilege of surviving. Those who live to tell the tale do not tell how much it costs which is a lot.
  • If you still have a job, consider being grateful to whatever God you serve or your lucky stars. Many practically lost their jobs, this year for obvious reasons and the virus has now pushed us into a recession that was coming, anyway. Having an income source is truly a gift worth being thankful for, now even if you were keen on leaving it before the pandemic.
  • The opportunity to get closer to one’s loved ones was an understated blessing that many did not come to terms with until lockdown. Even now many forget what a privilege it was when we were all stuck in our houses and neighbourhoods.

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  • The internet has revealed itself to us in a new, this year. We had all probably gotten used to its privileges so much so we took it for granted at times. Without social media, I don’t know what many of us would have done. Apps like HouseParty, Only Fans, Twitter, and Zoom all kept huge sections of the world population busy, helping human interactions where social distancing was enforced.
  • Like it or not, as Nigerians, 2020 gave us a chance to really consider our fate as a people in the face of an increasingly dysfunctional government. #EndSARS was a win for all of us. The level of unity of purpose and single-mindedness was unprecedented in recent times and I dare say, that energy has not dissipated.
  • The new slangs and expressions we came up with this year did a lot for the Nigerian form of expression in both English, pidgin and local languages. From soro soke to ko po ke, it generated more colour and sophistication for how we communicate with each other.

There it is, I am sure, a whole lot you can be thankful for if you are intentional but above all, we should all be thankful for the gift of life for it is through life all these little pleasures are made possible. Here is hoping that the tumult of 2020 would prepare us for whatever it is next year has to give.

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Some call me David. Others, Emerie. Others, (unfortunate fellows) Biggie. I like to think that I have sense and that is why I write too. Otherwise, I draw and paint and sing (in the bathroom) and love to make people laugh. I love to understand how things work and that’s why I love DIY videos and YouTube of course. Follow me on Twitter @EmerieOkwara

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