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How to Make Chicken Flavoured Homemade Stock Cubes

Stock cubes enhance the flavour of our food. The different varieties– the chicken, beef, fish varieties are produced by various brands and can be purchased in local markets and supermarkets around us. However, what many will find interesting is the fact that stock cubes can actually be made at home.

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I’m sure that those who are into healthy eating will be happy to know that the ingredients required to make these stock cubes at home are actually few and easily accessible. They’ll also be glad to know that these homemade stock cubes can be stored in the freezer (if you have constant power supply oh!) for up to one month.

Today’s gist is on how to make chicken stock cubes at home. I learnt to make it from one of the secrets shared by the blog All Nigerian Recipes. This gist is not the type that will enter one ear and leave through the other ear ozugbo ozugbo; so get your pen and jotter ready. I’ve got something interesting to tell you.


500g of minced chicken breast

6 Spring onions or leeks

One onion

Three big carrots

Salt to taste (optional)

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How to Prepare

Cut the chicken into small pieces. Rinse the chicken and vegetables thoroughly then cut the chicken and veggies into small pieces. Please, if you are using leek, don’t add the very green part of it. It’ll overshadow the taste of the other ingredients in your stock cube and it will make your food bitter.

When you have finished preparing the chicken and the vegetables, put them in a clean pot and add water to the pot. Please note that the water added should reach at least half of the pot’s content. Cook till contents of the pot are tender. Turn off the heat and allow them to cool completely.

Debone the chicken. Afterwards, transfer the chicken and vegetables into a clean blender and blend till they are smooth. Strain with a sieve to remove particles that did not blend well.

Pour the blended ingredients into an ice cube tray and place in the freezer overnight. Once they are frozen, bring them out from the ice cube tray and put them in an airtight container. Cover the container and put it back in the freezer.

That’s it. Your homemade chicken stock cubes are ready. When you need them, take them and add to your cooking as you would the ones you buy from the store.



All Nigerian Recipes

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