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Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation: 5 Ways To Overcome Fear


Fear is a human emotion. It is valid. And like all human emotions, it is inescapable.

Fear should be seen for what it is – the litmus test that differentiates the successful from the unsuccessful. It is through fear that we can determine what is what dying for (or what is what living for, depending on how you see it).

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In this post, I show you 5 ways you can start overcoming fear from today.

Be Willing To Look Stupid

Know that you will make mistakes along the way. As long as you come to terms with this and realise that mistakes are there to teach you, you’ll have no problems facing those situations that scare you. Every successful person has failed at some point. Take solace in this and realise that you must face your fears to increase your chances of success.

Embrace Tough Times 

You can’t be a successful person without being a problem solver. That’s why you should embrace the tough times when they come and see them as an opportunity to push through the challenges that stand in the way of your success. Once we struggle and succeed, our confidence rises and fear slowly disintegrates.

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Visualisation is a powerful exercise for programming your mind to be well prepared for the goals you’re trying to achieve. Imagine the situations that scare you. See yourself doing the things you wouldn’t be able to normally do with ease. Visualise this fearless version of yourself and watch your mind transform.

Imagine The Worst-Case Scenario 

Those who realise that they have little or nothing to lose are the ones who are most willing to take action. Think of the worst thing that can happen in any situation that scares you. This will determine whether it is something you can cope with or not.


Reading is vital for just about any situation in life. Reading books related to your specific fear will equip you with an arsenal of tools to tackle that fear. Spend time reading such books and this will open you up to different approaches for overcoming your fear.

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