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Analysis: What Nigeria May Benefit From A Biden Presidency (3)


Joe Biden has already issued an Executive Order which reversed the embargo placed on immigrant visa issuance to Nigeria and a few other countries suspected by the Trump administration of being infiltrated by Islamic terrorists.

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Whether it is the right thing to do or not, the United States is forever in want of immigrants with diverse skillset migrating into the country for its economy to grow considerably.

Notwithstanding, the efflux of the best brains from Nigeria is not something the larger Nigerian society should be so happy about. That would be practically celebrating brain drain. In the end, people have a right to move to better climes if their hopes and aspirations are not being met in their country of birth.

Lastly, another point to note is the position of the Biden administration on abortion, same-sex marriage, and transgender rights.

Liberal governments historically are supportive of giving financial aid to institutions and governments in foreign countries. These financial aids, however, come at a cost of propagating whatever ideologies that the respective American government wants. This is one way the United States uses to exert its influence and reach across the world.

Meanwhile, since the Trump administration took over from Barack Obama, his foreign policy has been less of supporting foreign countries financially. Trump’s “America First” mantra centred less on foreign countries and focused more on the prosperity of America from within.

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With the already signed executive orders by the new Joe Biden administration re-establishing relationship with so-called ‘Muslim countries’, its will be unsurprising if the Democratic party tries to dangle and push abortion, gay marriage and transgender rights ideology to countries receiving financial aid from the United States.

This was a major thing with the Obama administration which dangled gay and transgender rights laws in the face of countries in exchange for aid. Notably, this was one of the reasons the Goodluck Jonathan administration fell out with Barack Obama around 2014 after he signed into law the anti-gay law passed by the National Assembly.

With the rhetoric already going round in the United States where a Biden executive order already threatened to remove federal funding from institutions refusing transgender women participate in women’s sport; sooner or later, the Biden administration will extend such policy to desperate nations using the ‘Carrot and Stick’ approach.

In the end, the impact of a Biden presidency is already being felt by different institutions, economies, persons and government around the world, in just few days of governance. There will be even more reverberations for the rest of the world to feel as the administration crystallizes its foreign policy in a desperate and fast-changing pandemic-induced world.


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