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App Of The Week: MyMintApp


MyMint app is a fintech platform for carrying a range of digital and mobile banking transactions. It makes the process of carrying these transactions seamless by offering speed, convenience, online real-time access, the security of transactions, and the ability to initiate service requests without having to visit the bank.

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When you use Mint, you can:

  • Fund your account – Make seamless instant payments into your account via Paystack, or send the money directly from your existing bank account.
  • Set saving goals – You can create up to five saving goals for expenses such as rent, car, family, holiday, business, etc, fund these goals with any amount, and at any frequency – daily, weekly, monthly. The money saved for these goals yields interest rates of different ranges depending on how much is saved.
  • Instant Transfers – You can make instant payments to any account in Nigeria.
  • Money Manager – Track your expenses and gain insights into how much and where you spend monthly.
  • Pay Bills – You can make payments for most bill categories and incur no charges on most billers.
  • Set limits to your spending, account, and more inside your app directly.

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MyMint App ensures your money is safe by securing it with the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC). Your data is secured according to Nigerian data protection requirements.

Getting The App

MyMint app can be downloaded from both the Google Play store and the Apple App’s store. Click any of the links below to download the app depending on the device you use.

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