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App Of The Week: OneBank


When it comes to banking, the importance of having access to all the services that make for an excellent banking experience cannot be overemphasised. OneBank, a 100% digital banking app brought to you by Sterling Bank, is a great platform that enables you to get solutions to all your banking needs in one place.

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With OneBank, users can enjoy the full benefits that come with banking in the digital world.

Meet The App

OneBank comes with Doubble, a unique investment feature by sterling that gives you 100% of your capital. It lets you choose a suitable investment plan for your needs and earnings.

It also gives you the option of creating investment plans streamlined for specific future projects. If you’d like to invest in foreign currency, you can open a dollar investment account and seamlessly fund it with Naira. This feature also keeps you up to date with the latest stocks information through a dynamic news feed section on the app.

OneBank lets you make quick transfers to both local and foreign accounts. Cardless withdrawals can be done without any hassle by simply initiating a prompt on the app. The app also comes with a biometric feature that prevents cases of theft or loss of cards and lets you protect your funds from unwanted cyber-attention.

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Thankfully, OneBank is open not just to Sterling Bank customers but to anyone in search of a safe, secure, and financially-rewarding online platform to bank with. You can open a new full-fledged Sterling Bank within minutes without having to endure the hurdles that come with filling paperwork, back and forth trips, and long queues.

Getting The App

Click any of the links to download the app depending on the device you use.

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