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Armed Forces Remembrance Day


Today, January 15, 2021, is Armed Forces Remembrance Day in Nigeria. It is a day meant to celebrate the servicemen of the Nigerian armed forces both active and retired, especially war veterans. Without any doubt, the Nigerian army has played a tremendous role in defending the country against external and internal aggressors, especially Boko Haram and representation in peacekeeping missions within and outside Africa.

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Officers of our armed forces have lost their lives in the course of action towards promoting the peace and unity of Nigeria, and ensuring that our resolve to stand united despite our differences does not go down the drain.

Why We Commemorate The Armed Forces Remembrance Day

Serving in the Nigerian armed forces has a lot to do with patriotism rather than personal gains. In a time when Nigerian soldiers especially, stand the risk of getting killed on a daily owing to the insurgency that has gripped the Northern part of our nation, gallant Nigerian soldiers have not reneged on their passion for the defence of the territorial integrity of Nigeria. Nigeria is a great nation and the armed forces play a vital role in ensuring we maintain our standards as an African power and a potential global power.

Commemorating the Armed Forces Day reminds us of the need to improve on the welfare package of our soldiers who despite the hardships faced in the line of action, have not given up but have rather devised strategies to weather the storm just for the love of our dear nation.

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Today reminds us of the need to remain law-abiding and assist our armed forces through any means available to ensure we enjoy lasting peace and security in a nation highly blessed.

Further, today should serve as a medium for the Nigerian government to restructure and re-strategize our armed forces set up and system of engaging in combat, especially against terrorism. Nigeria cannot live up to its potentials if insecurity of lives and properties in any part of the country continues.

From improved training, re-orientation of servicemen, improved arms for combat, and more, the government must ensure that the armed forces are presented a great atmosphere to carry out their duties effectively. It is time to make a change, Nigeria must stand united and our armed forces must be greatly improved.

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