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Brands We Love: Mikano

You probably know what a Mikano generator looks like.

So you won’t be surprised to learn that its producer is Nigeria’s biggest assembler of power generating sets. They are also a proudly Nigerian brand, with products that provide some competition for imported alternatives.

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A lesser-known fact about Mikano Industries is that they don’t just build power generators. Their involvements extend from fabricating steel to selling construction equipment—a lot of heavy-duty work. They also make cars and provide electricity solutions for both residential and industrial purposes.

Founded in 1993, Mikano started as a generator importing, servicing, and maintenance company. Later, it began setting up the infrastructure for the local assembly of generator parts. By 1995, it had become the first indigenous company to make power generating sets in the country.

The success of this brand comes down to a few factors; one of them is the fact that it supplies an alternative to Nigeria’s underperforming national electricity grid. Its citizens have to get by with 4,000 MW of electricity daily, hardly sufficient for a population of over 200 million people with moderate energy needs. Mikano generators are a familiar stopgap for when the lights go out.

These sets have power generating capacity ranging from 9 kVa to 3,500 kVa. Buyers can choose between Mikano’s diesel and gas generators. There’s also the option of renting a set. Business establishments such as banks and telecommunication companies may purchase power from Mikano’s Independent Power Producers (IPPs) as well.

Mikano provides maintenance services for its generating sets. When customers rely on it for servicing and maintenance, they can have generator parts replaced with genuine spares from the company. That’s besides its customer service, which customers can access round the clock.

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It makes sense that Mikano would expand its services to include the provision of electrical solutions. For years, it has engaged with customers who want alternative power generating products. This has allowed it to discover and fill the gap in the supply of lighting solutions. By partnering with international brands in this niche, it’s able to provide world-class indoor lighting technologies to its customers in Nigeria.

Steel fabrication is quite expensive; only a few large scale players exist in this niche. Mikano is one of the biggest of these, with a 14,000 square meter facility and hundreds of staff involved in the design and production processes. Products made at the factory include street lights, gates and doors, diesel tanks, cable trays and ladders, solar panel carriers, and racks, among others.

Mikano is also the official distributor of Hyundai heavy-duty and equipment handling equipment (thanks to the collaboration between both companies). Mikano also services and maintains this equipment on its customers’ behalf.

In 2016, Mikano forayed into real estate with the Karameh City Project, an industrial complex located in Ogun State.

The focal point of this company’s corporate social responsibility efforts is the support of STEM projects. But it has also provided police traffic stands and helped lower class people through various interventions.


Featured Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

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