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Business Growth Tips: How to Generate New Sales Leads

How do you convert people into sales leads for your business? How do you take them from being slightly curious about your products and services to persons ready to spend their money on what you’re offering?

This is one of the most important questions that companies have to answer. The answer they come up with maybe the difference between achieving sustained growth and sinking into oblivion.

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Without leads that can turn into paying customers, your business will struggle to generate revenues. And when the funds aren’t coming in, your enterprise will fail.

If your business is going to remain a concern, you’ll have to find ways to consistently bring in new leads.

Here are seven tips to help you achieve this.

1. Use Business Databases

Business databases give you access to the names and contact details of numerous businesses (and key figures within them). With these at your disposal, you can reach out to many potential B2B clients, and make leads out of them.

You may access these databases online or purchase them from cataloguing agencies. Alternatively, you could create your own list of businesses you would like to get in touch with.

2. Double Down On Networking

You’ve probably made a good number of connections in the course of building your business. If you have leveraged those relationships well enough, your business will have gained from them.

Why not make networking a deliberate strategy? Get social when you’re off work. Attend networking events and establish ties with the people you meet. Join business clubs. Hang around the places where people in your target audience would frequent. And follow up on new contacts after your first meeting.

Contacts gained this way could be high-value leads or persons who could provide you with a path into new markets.

3. Request Referrals from Existing Customers

Are your customers pleased with your products and services? Why not ask them to refer their colleagues and friends to you?

When people have a need— say, they want a new smartphone, TV, or car —they often ask their contacts (friends, family, acquaintances) where they could go to have that need met. If your business is top-of-mind for your customer, they would recommend it to a contact who wants the kind of service you offer.

Word-of-mouth is still the most effective way to gain new clients. So there’s a good chance you’ll grow your lead numbers if you effectively exploit it.

4. Ramp Up Marketing On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a business-focused social media site; it’s a great place to be if you’re looking for B2B sales leads.

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If you’re already using LinkedIn but aren’t reaping as much as you had hoped from marketing on it, here are a couple of articles that could help you:

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5. Become A Guest Blogger

The biggest blogs record millions of visitors per month. That’s a huge audience— and one you can connect with to gain a large number of leads.

By contributing articles as a guest on blogs (guest posts), you can gain the attention of their readers, and make them interested in learning more about your business.

To pique readers’ interest, you must provide content that addresses something they’re concerned about. It should also cover themes within your area of expertise or your business’s sphere of operations. Have a link to your site or your business’s contact details somewhere in the post or bio, so that readers can find you after seeing the article.

If you opt to use guest blogging as a lead-generating strategy, be sure to choose a blog that’s frequented by the sort of audience your business is targeting.

6. Communicate Directly with Prospects and Customers

It’s alright to have FAQs on your website. They will provide your website’s visitors with quick answers to basic or generic questions. But when they need help with very specific concerns, FAQs may not be enough.

That’s why you should invest in things like live chats and customer service call lines. These will allow prospective customers to get the situation-specific information they might need to decide on your product. These direct lines of communication also give your business a human feel— something valued by most people.

7. Deploy Effective Landing Pages

Landing pages are a crucial part of contemporary marketing campaigns. They are standalone web pages designed to make the visitor take a specific course of action— whether this is subscribing for a service, registering for an event, buying a product, or other possible conversions.

The effectiveness of a landing page is judged by the number of visitors that take the course of action it encourages them to.

If you’re building a landing page for your lead generation campaign, be sure that it has a compelling headline, clear and effective copy, appropriate media, and a strong call to action. These ingredients will boost your chances of acquiring a substantial number of leads.

Final Words

The more leads you have, the greater your chances of gaining new customers. Follow the strategies we’ve laid out here to grow your leads, and plot a path to higher sales and revenues for your business.


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