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Cloud Technology: What You Must Know


Cloud technology is a full university degree by itself, these days. Now, we may not quite have caught on yet but tech really doesn’t wait for anyone. So here’s what you must know about this fascinating phenomenon that is now a foundation in all of tech today.

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What Is Cloud Tech?

Well, cloud technology is best described as a range of technology-based products that enables the delivery of computing services such as servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence and so on over the internet.

How Does It Work?

Cloud tech allows you to run most aspects of your virtual endeavour over the internet. Storage, for instance, would require you to have a huge capacity storage server for all your data but with cloud storage, you can commit that data to the cloud for a small monthly subscription fee on a monthly or even yearly basis. The most prominent services in this field, right now are Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

What Else Must I Know?

Well, there are three types of cloud computing and they are private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud.

Public cloud is basically the level on which most private individuals are familiar with the cloud. Here, a third-party cloud service provider hosts all your stored data in exchange for a fee. This typically applies to most small businesses and individuals.

Private cloud refers to a situation where usually an organization builds it’s own cloud infrastructure and operates it in-house. Sometimes, it may be hosted by an actual cloud provider whose services are paid for by the business it is done for even as it is privately owned.

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A hybrid cloud combines both private and public cloud to give you seamless data flow between both platforms. The combination of the two enables better security and optimisation in compliance and infrastructure.

What Can The Cloud Be Used For?

App Development: Building applications (web or mobile) has gotten easier in the past decade because of cloud computing.

Testing And Scaling Applications: With the steady improvement in cloud services, developers are able to test their finished product and even scale via the cloud.

Storage: This is the most prominent function of the cloud as it is what most are familiar with. It’s a cheaper and safer way of storing one’s data whether as an individual or a big corporation.

Streaming: The cloud is one of the reasons streaming has gotten significantly bigger. The ability to host contents from off-site servers around the world has enabled YouTube, Spotify and Netflix etc to scale so heavily this past decade.

Data Analysis: Machine learning and artificial intelligence as enabled via the cloud have helped experts study behaviours and uncover insights that guide future actions.

Software On Demand: It is largely down to cloud computing that app developers can deliver updates and new services to their applications on the internet today.

Embedding Intelligence: Much of the conversation around artificial intelligence has been down to the prominence of the cloud that has made it easy to automate applications to react to captured data from users. This has made the internet feel more personalised today.

I have found that many phone users don’t know just how useful the cloud is, especially in Nigeria’s growing tech space but getting further information on the subject could open to not just new methods of making sure you don’t lose memories because you have to conserve memory on your phone but also the whole new career opportunities too.

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