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How to Make Cassava Fufu the Ajebo Way

We live in an era of easy cooking. People no like stress again and who will blame them? The made easy life is bae abeg. Last week, we discussed how to make cassava fufu, a swallow that is known for its strong smell and smooth texture. Personally, I don’t care about the smell of cassava fufu. I just love the way it slides smoothly down my throat especially when I pair it with Ogbono soup.

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Ehen, back to my gist, last week, I guided you through the process of making cassava fufu the traditional way. However, I know that most aje butters will not even try that method of making this meal if it is the only way of cooking it. Thankfully, there’s another easy way to make it. This is why cassava fufu is what we still have on our menu today. This alternative method involves no pounding; in fact, anyone who can make semo or wheat can make cassava fufu using this method. This is why today’s recipe is dubbed making cassava fufu the ajebo way. I hope you are eager to learn.




How to Prepare

Put the quantity of raw cassava that you need in a pot. Run your hand through it to dissolve any lump in it. Add a little water and mix to form a paste. Cover the pot and set it on medium heat.

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Leave the pot and its content untouched for at least 2 minutes. When the time is up, rinse your wooden spoon, open the pot and start stirring the cassava paste. Please note that the stirring should be energetic so that any lump that forms in the course of cooking will be dissolved.

Also, note that the finished product should have a texture that is neither too soft nor too hard. Therefore, water should be added as needed while stirring. Stir until the fufu’s colour changes from white to an off white colour. Turn off the heat. Your cassava fufu is ready.

You can mould it to any shape of your choice if you want. Otherwise, serve with any Nigerian soup of your choice.


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1 Comment

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