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Nigeria Police Deploys Tech In Crime Fighting


In an interesting twist to its not so great ordeal in crime-fighting, the Nigeria Police Force has launched an app to help its cause. It is the first of any form that the Nigerian Police has used in interfacing with the public and I daresay its well overdue. The app was built to help quicken the process of reporting a crime that has proven problematic even from scratch normally.

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The new app is called Rescue Me and it is a long-overdue solution that suits the times we find ourselves in. the app has a decent interface and largely easy to use. According to the website, the app has certain prominent features that make it unique (not that it is lacking in that area by default). For instance, it allows you to report a crime and emergency alert (allows NPF to trace your alert automatically).

Its navigation feature allows the app to use your location to tell you where you are. Interestingly, it also allows you to call an ambulance, report an erring police officer and also store contacts of relatives and friends in case of emergency. The app is handy by default, but it is also surprisingly precise in some of its features.

The app covers up to eight different emergency situations, and they are efficient in everyday life. It is very practical and decent as far as user-friendliness is concerned.

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The app is currently available for mobile on App Store and Google PlayStore. For more info on how the app works, you may visit

While it is a practical solution for today’s policing, I can’t help but be concerned with respect to the privacy and personal details that the app seems to require of users. The concern is not far-fetched given the deficit in public trust of the Nigerian police. It also remains to be seen how well the process will work in reality seeing as police helplines have been in place for years and the police do not seem to do their jobs any better still.

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