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Recipe for Crispy Fried Chicken

Almost everyone I know loves chicken but there’s something absolutely divine about crispy fried chicken. While this tasty dish can be prepared and enjoyed as a full meal, it can also be used as a complementary accompaniment to a variety of Nigerian dishes.

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Do you know the best part? You can make it at home. This basically means that you don’t have to visit restaurants like KFC to enjoy crispy fried chicken.

I’ll tell you how to prepare this chicken in a bit but I’ll like you to take note of these details. The first is that chicken drumsticks (chicken laps) are the preferred chicken part for this dish but in its absence, any chicken part can be used as long as it is cut into small portions.

The second thing to note is that if the chicken is to have the right crispy texture, then, it should be fried on low to medium heat.


1/2 kilo of chicken laps

2 cups of flour

3 teaspoons of onion powder

2 teaspoons of garlic powder

2 tablespoons of black pepper

1 teaspoon of red chilli powder

1 tablespoon of lemon juice

Chili powder to taste

3/4 cup of milk

2 eggs

Vegetable oil

2 tablespoons of breadcrumb

Salt to taste

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How to Prepare

Rinse and clean the chicken. Allow to drain and marinate the chicken with lemon juice, chilli powder, ground pepper and salt. Put it in the refrigerator to marinate for at least one hour.

Combine the flour, onion powder, garlic powder, ground pepper, bread crumbs and salt together in a large bowl and set aside for later use.

Break the egg into another clean bowl. Pour the milk into it. Whisk till you have a smooth mixture.

Take a piece of chicken and dip it in the seasoned flour. Please, ensure that the chicken is covered in flour. Then, transfer it to the milk and egg mixture and finally back into the flour. Shake off the excess flour from the chicken and keep it in a clean dry plate. Repeat the covering and dipping process till all the chicken are generously coated.

Place a clean frying pan on medium heat, add vegetable oil to it. When it heats up, add the chicken to it. Please ensure that you do not crowd the frying pan, and fry on low to medium heat. Turn over the chicken in between the frying process till it’s fully cooked on the inside and golden brown on the outside.

Scoop the chicken into a paper-lined sieve. The paper will drain out excess oil from the chicken. Repeat the process of frying with the remaining chicken. When all the coated chicken is fried, serve hot and enjoy.



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