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SME Spotlight: Dainty Affairs

Cakes are a fixture at most merry-making events. Their sweetness aligns well with the positive, upbeat feeling at such occasions. When they are nicely designed, they add an aesthetic edge to the festive excitement at these events.

People love feeling pleasant. So they love cakes. And they’re willing to spend a fair bit on baking great ones or getting others to make them on their behalf.

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Dainty Affairs exists to satisfy this craving for sweetness. It makes cakes for every occasion imaginable—weddings, birthdays, corporate events, private celebrations, etc. Variety exists on its shelves too, with bakes ranging from cupcakes to loaves, cakes on sticks, and exotic treats.

Cookies, desserts, and bars are also on its menu.

Lolade Ogunjimi, who founded Dainty Affairs, says she’s been baking and decorating cakes for over two decades. She was enrolled at a baking school shortly after secondary school and decided to start her bakery a few years after her university education.

Ogunjimi links her involvement with baking to her love for creating things with her hands; she’s also trained as a floral decorator and doubles as a makeup artist.

Dainty Affairs functions primarily as an online store. Anyone interested in buying its products can view pictures of them on its website and place orders there. There’s also an Instagram page, which showcases these products. Thus far, it’s garnered over 60,000 followers.

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Cakes from Dainty Affairs are available at selected physical stores as well.

Their products include baked treats, marble cake loaves, uniced cakes,  vanilla cakes, cupcakes, fruit loaves, carrot cakes, banana bread, and brownies. Chocolate cookies, blondies, frostings, and desserts are also available. Prices are spread broadly, extending from Granola Bars (going for under ₦1,000) to the Party Brownies Spray (past the ₦14,000 mark).

These items are baked at the Dainty Affairs location in Lagos and shipped to customers on demand. The clientele is diverse, ranging from individuals who need the bakes for private occasions, to corporates organizing large events.

Ogunjimi notes that there’s more going on at this business besides baking. Behind the scenes, multiple processes help it remain a going concern. For her, building and executing a customer-focused strategy is top of the list. This shows in the frequency and customer-centeredness of its engagements on its digital channels.

Dainty Affairs also offers online and in-person training to aspiring bakers.

In the long run, Ogunjimi hopes, Dainty Affairs will take a spot amongst the country’s leading bakeries. She believes it’s already on track to achieving this.


Featured Image Source: Dainty Affairs

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