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Tech Opportunity: Binance Unveils Crypto Masterclass For African Developers


The world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange service, Binance will be hosting its next masterclass this January and all those invested in the emerging asset class are encouraged to attend. The goal with this masterclass is to train 1000 African blockchain developers to develop and grow their DApps on Binance’s Smart Chain. This masterclass will be the flagship for this first quarter in 2021. Beyond training developers for BSC, the overarching aim is to open the eyes of the attendees to the career opportunities available in cryptocurrency beyond mere trading and investing.

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Over the course of 8 straight weeks, the Binance Africa and Smart Chain team will aim to break down emerging opportunities in cryptocurrency and blockchain.

DATE: The masterclass kicks off on the 31st of January and an opening event is an event hosted by Binance CEO himself, Changpeng Zhao.

The class will be titled “Binance Masterclass – Developers’ Edition on ‘Careers in Blockchain Technology”.

Asides the Binance Africa and BSC teams, the event will feature classes from the ChainIDE, Xend and Bundle teams.
Binance Africa’s Masterclass Series has been their flagship monthly series and till date, they have successfully trained 70,000 new users in Africa on how the rudiments of crypto, trading and technical analysis. So far they have held over 400 events of this nature courting attendance from more than at least 35 African countries both online and offline.

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According to their media brief, attendees stand to gain:
# Acquire high-income development skills
# Free learning in blockchain development
# Award of certificates attendees who complete the 8-week long course by the BSC team
# Binance will also be given out $1000 worth in bitcoin at the event.
To register, log on to

The event will be happening on Zoom for the first 1000 attendees and Binance’s YouTube for others.



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