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Wacky Takes: Top Ten Ways To Beat January Financial Funk


January is a month that shocks nature itself. Almost nothing ever really happens no thanks to December. Most people are broke and everyone knows it is the slowest month in the year. It has been forty days already but the calendar says the second week is barely over. Now, I have made it through a good number of January’,s so I think I am an authority on this matter.

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That being said, these tips are my take on the matter and if they do not work for you, I would prefer not to be held responsible.

  • December Salary Should Be Paid At The End Of The Month

I know you are probably past this point already. Still, keep it in mind for next year. That early salary in December is a set-up. If there is money, expenses will show up and if you are here reading this, you have nothing to do with discipline.

  • Go Back To Your Parent’s House

This is a cheat code you would not hear anywhere else. The food is free and power is paid for by someone else. If you are already there, sit tight and tell them you have really missed them as an excuse to tarry a little longer.

  • Freeze Time In Your Head

It is something I have heard people do. For some, this is not 2021. Rather, it is 2020 and a half. Stay with me. If 2020 was a bad year, it makes sense to associate anything bad with it. So if the month is not looking good chuck it up to 2020 and it gets easier to deal with.

  • Eat Less

Most people I know can’t bring themselves to do this but if you think about it, garri is not such a bad idea. There are so many things you can do with that food item. Solid or liquid, garri is versatile and it will save you money.

  • Get Another Job

This is a viable idea only that it will still be weeks before you get paid. So, you would have to ask if it is worth the stress.

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  • Ask For A Raise

This is something you can actually try. Be advised, however, that it is one that would most likely not work. It is worth the try though.

  • Stop Spending As Much

This is probably the only time I would be giving you a real-world tip. It is the most plausible thing to do especially if you still have some money left. Starve sometimes. I know you won’t nod to this one but it is really what it is.

  • Beg: Beg Everybody

Those you owe. The ones who you know have money. Do not borrow o. Just be begging. Since you don’t want to hear real-world advice.

These tips are my takes and they may entertain or educate you or do neither. Sha do not quote me. Ciao. Have a blessed day. Share, like and keep reading guys.

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David Okwara

Some call me David. Others, Emerie. Others, (unfortunate fellows) Biggie. I like to think that I have sense and that is why I write too. Otherwise, I draw and paint and sing (in the bathroom) and love to make people laugh. I love to understand how things work and that’s why I love DIY videos and YouTube of course. Follow me on Twitter @EmerieOkwara

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1 Comment

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