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2019 CN’s Top 100 Emerging SMEs: Ocean Trends Digital


Ocean Trends is a graphics and web design agency based in Lagos. It provides creative printing, branding, and app-building services to individual and corporate clients from within and beyond the state. As such, it’s catering to needs that are constantly growing in today’s world.

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There’s evidence of the importance of these services in almost every aspect of contemporary life. From blogs and business websites to apps and online marketing campaigns, physical book covers, and colourful magazines, there’s a lot of demand for creative products.

Ocean Trends takes care of these needs and more. According to the company’s team, it does this to “help others succeed at what they do”. This hints at the utility of the products it supplies. They are working solutions, things that add value to their clients’ businesses and lives.

Damilare Ajiboye founded Ocean Trends in 2016. In just over four years, he’s scaled operations significantly, and expanded the company’s offerings. Today it covers the web design and online marketing turfs and builds visually appealing mobile applications for many clients.

Some of Ocean Trends’ graphic design and branding services include book, magazine, flyer and brochure design and printing, business card printing, and printing and packaging projects. On the web front, it provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and internet marketing.

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Ocean Trends follows a simplified procedure for completing and managing clients’ web and app design projects. First, they study the clients’ competition and target audience, find out what works in these spaces, and design the website or application accordingly. The layout and colours of the project also conform to the customer’s preferred brand image.

If the customer likes the sample, Ocean Trends goes on to develop the website or app. They also provide marketing and maintenance for the project after it’s completed.

Since its launch four years ago, Ocean Trends has taken on well over a hundred unique projects. This includes building the Atafo Africa website for famous bespoke fashion designer, Mai Atafo. It has also organized training for businesses interested in leveraging digital technology to their advantage.

In 2019, Ocean Trends was named one of Nigeria’s Top 100 Emerging SMEs by Connect Nigeria. It beat thousands of other businesses to claim a spot on the list, after scaling through screening and voting processes.

The company aims to live up to this potential by delivering more innovative products to its ever-expanding customer base. It has something along this line in the works—a bot that could “solve 80% of issues faced by entrepreneurs in Nigeria.”

The Ocean Trends team hopes that this, along with other upcoming solutions, will help the country’s commerce and industrial sectors on the path to greater digitization.

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