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5 Apps For Investing


If you’re looking for investment opportunities that you can track from wherever you are, you should check out investment apps. These digital tools give you access to a host of opportunities to make money passively.

There’s a myriad of these apps available on your favourite app stores; you may have to wade through several dozen of them before choosing one that’s right for you.

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Here, we’ve curated five of the better ones, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of comparing tons of apps. These are our picks.


Cowrywise is a platform that allows Nigerians to conveniently save and invest their money.

Its savings plans are attractive because they offer returns that are usually better than what’s obtainable with banks. In good times, it’s given users annual interest payments in double-digit percentages.

The predominant investments available on Cowrywise are mutual funds. At the last count, there were about nineteen mutual funds accessible via the platform, all tied to reputable financial institutions. In the past, these opportunities have also yielded returns above 10% per year.


Piggyvest is one of Nigeria’s most recognized savings and investment apps, with over 1 million users to date.

It’s easy to see why Piggyvest is so popular. Until recently, it gave its users returns of up to 10% on their savings with it. The platform has three savings plans, each providing varying degrees of operational flexibility.

Investments have yielded even better outcomes, sometimes breaking the 20% per annum mark. The investment segment, called Investify, allows users to select and fund pre-vetted investment opportunities.

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Risevest presents Nigerians with the chance to earn from dollar-denominated investments. With as little as $10, Nigerians can begin investing in Eurobonds, US real estate, and the US stock market.

Returns vary depending on market conditions, but they’ve been fairly impressive. For example, real estate investments may yield between 13-15%; its stock market stake has also performed well, with interest exceeding 17% in one year.

It’s worth noting that the stock market investment is managed by Risevest; they pick high growth stocks on investors’ behalf. This is unlike digital stockbrokers, which allow users to buy and sell shares.


Crowdyvest (formerly Farmcrowdy) is Nigeria’s oldest and most widely trusted AgriTech investment platform.

It works by connecting farmers (or farms) and other agricultural projects with people willing to sponsor them in return for a profit. Investors get regular updates on the projects they’re supporting and receive their returns (plus principal) at the end of the stipulated project period.

Gains from Crowdyvest have exceeded 20% for investments lasting less than a year (say 6-9 months).


Branch is primarily recognized as an app for requesting and receiving loans. But on the other side from the loan recipients are lenders who also use the app.

The platform promises these lenders a 20% annual return on the funds they provide. That’s one of the highest rates you’ll find for an app involved in the business of lending.

Final Words

If you’re interested in growing your money, you can try out one or more of these apps. They can all be downloaded from the Google Play store.

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