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Benefits Of Nigeria’s New Visa Policy 2020

Interesting points to note on the new visa policy 2020 that rings as good news to most Nigerians in Diaspora:

  • Nigeria now requires all travellers to submit themselves for biometric data capture before issuance of the relevant visas. This can be done at all Nigerian missions and VACs.
  • All classes of visas: SVV, TRV and PRV, including those available on the visa on arrival and e-visa channels, can be processed and obtained at the Nigerian diplomatic missions (Embassies, Consulates, and High Commissions) and through designated Visa Application Centers (VACs).

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  • All Nationalities under the Short Visit Visa category are eligible for Nigerian e-visas. The e-visa is for a period not exceeding 3months (90 days).

Below are the specific classes under the short visa category that are eligible for e-visas:

F3B – Transit Visa

F4A – Business- Single Entry Visa

F4C – Business–Frequently Travelled Executives Visa

F5A – Tourism Visa (This visa category is for all nationalities except ECOWAS member states and other countries that have entered visa abolition/waiver agreements with Nigeria).

F7A – Journalist Visa

F7C – Medical Tourism Visa

F7D – Religious Tourism Visa

F7E – Sports Visa

F7F – Artist/Entertainer/Musician Visa

F7G – Study Tour Visa

F7H – Academic Exchange Programme Visa

F7I – International Cultural Exchange Visa Citizens of countries with which Nigeria has a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on a cultural exchange programme.

F7J – Humanitarian Visa

F7K – Emergency/Relief Work Visa

F7L – Staff of INGO Visa

F7M – Staff of NGO Visa

F9A – Returning Holders of other National Passports who are Nigerians by birth Nigerians by birth under Section 25 of the 1990 amended Constitution of Nigerian.

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  • The e-visas is a web-based/online application process that is subject to pre-approval before arrival to Nigeria.
  • Visa on Arrival is not subject to pre-approval and can be issued at the point of entry.
  • To be eligible for VoA, the applicant must be a holder of a passport of an African Union member state. The applicant must also be a citizen of any country that falls within the categories of persons eligible for F4C, F5A, F7K and F9A Visas.
  • VoA will only be available for short visits to citizens of all countries coming to Nigeria for tourism, business, or emergency relief work purposes.
  • Nigerians in the diaspora with dual citizenships, infants born abroad and Nigerians (who have renounced their citizenship) would be able to access the VoA facility. They are allowed to visit Nigeria with passports from their other nationalities.
  • Prior approval letter for a Nigerian Visa on Arrival is no longer a requirement. However, they would still be required to make payment online via the Nigeria Immigration Service website and undergo a biometric registration at the airport before visas are issued to them.
  • It is important to note that the VoA is not available at land borders, as it is only issued at the various international airports in Nigeria.
  • Any Nigerian living abroad and your passport validity has expired, you can still return home for only 90 days using an F9A visa. Provided you have proof of registration with a Nigerian embassy where you are based.

We hope you can clearly see that the new visa policy ensures ease of coming to Nigeria by citizens in diaspora and foreigners. Are there any other benefits of the new visa policy not listed here? Tell us in the comments.




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