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Brands We Love: GIGM


Not many transport companies can boast mastery of positioning like God is Good brand has managed to achieve. While most of its counterparts have stuck with semi-polished marketing, GIGM has presented itself as the transporter of choice for tech-savvy, upwardly mobile people.

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This strategy has paid off immensely. They are now favoured by the exact target audience their image-makers intended to capture.

But behind the hype and marketing aura of GIGM, there’s a history of becoming and an array of services that make it a company with a real backbone. A business that’s worked for every inch of turf it now dominates.

It was established in 1998 as God is Good Motors. The founders were a couple, Edwin and Stella Ajaere; they intended to create a bus service that would provide a quality interstate travel experience to people across Nigeria.

In the early 2010s, the company reinvented itself, portraying itself to the public as a technology-driven enterprise. This was a smart move, pulled off just when Nigeria’s tech startups were beginning to make waves. Although other transportation businesses have since digitized their operations, GIGM continues to enjoy the first-mover advantage in this respect.

GIGM provides interstate travel services with two vehicle types: the Jet Mover and Toyota Hiace. The former has more legroom and power outlets; both have air conditioning units and media systems that keep passengers comfortable.

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Journeys typically kick off from GIGM terminals, located in more than a dozen states. In certain states, there are special pickup points besides the official terminals, where customers may choose to board the buses. This service is usually available throughout the year apart from Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Bus tickets may be booked on the GIGM website or mobile app. They can specify that they are either using regular service or opting for the pickup service.

The logistics and courier arm of the company, God Is Good Logistics, has been operational since its establishment in 2008. It provides intrastate and interstate delivery services to individuals and businesses and is active in the freight forwarding and e-commerce spaces.

GIGM has received recognition for its performance. This includes the award for the Most Outstanding and Fastest Growing Motor Company by the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ), and the Distinguished Gold Service Award for Excellence in Road Transport Management by the Centre For Democratic Governance in Africa. Both awards were won in 2012.

In the near future, GIGM could be expanding into other parts of Africa. It already has a presence in Ghana, where it began operating in 2019. It could also broaden the range of services that it offers, as it looks to dominate other segments of the transportation business in Nigeria.

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